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We are happy to announce the general availability of Email version 5.7 (for Outlook). Here are the main highlights of this release:

Collage in

You can now connect to Collage from, to view it as a new tab within the sidebar. Collage aggregates all your information sources and uncovers important topics contained in notifications from business applications (Salesforce, Zendesk), documents, social tools (Yammer, Chatter), and email. 

Automatic sharing of Office 365 team site documents

When attaching document and item links from Office 365 team sites to an email message, the documents and items can be shared with your email recipients:

Attach a document link to your email message, and send it. You will be prompted to share the document with your email recipients. Grant the permission level - can view or can edit - and click Yes. The SharePoint documents are shared and the message is sent.

Tree view navigation of SharePoint locations

Click the Tree view navigation icon () to open a panel showing all SharePoint locations in a tree view, for quick navigation. Click an arrow next to a SharePoint location to expand or collapse it; double-click a location to navigate to it.
Tree view of all SharePoint locations

Show distinguished icons for uploaded appointments, meetings, contacts, tasks, and posts.

A simple configuration of the SharePoint library will enable to distinguish between uploaded Outlook items in

Ram Tagher
Product Manager