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The reality of the Digital Workplace is upon us.  This Digital Workplace is being driven by the proliferation of mobile devices for work and the widespread availability of business cloud services. While these new tools provide anytime, anywhere access to workers to important business information, their success could also spell their downfall.  Why’s that? Simple – the more services you subscribe to, the more disjointed your experience becomes. For example, when you subscribe to a CRM cloud service like Salesforce, a project management service like Citrix (Podio), and a document management system like Microsoft’s Office 365 – you will have a pretty tough time tracking business processes, like what’s happening with an important sales prospect.  While each cloud service contains a piece of the puzzle, each one displays information a different app, each one speaks a different language, and the apps are not in sync with each other. So while the move to the cloud provides flexibility and agility, you risk losing seeing the grand picture of your business as you become overloaded by information from multiple, disjointed sources.

Until today…because today there is Collage.  To overcome information overload, Collage gives workers an intuitive way to see the big picture by piecing together the right information, at the right time and within the right topical context so they can make intelligent business decisions. Its consolidated activity workstream brings together updates from disjointed enterprise cloud services, correlating notifications and information into one common language and finding relationships across a variety of sources.



Leading CIOs are excited about the value that Collage brings to the market:

  • Dominique Tessaro, CIO at VINCI Energies, a world leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy with 63,000 employees in 45 countries, says that “ Collage simplifies the user experience by making sense of disjointed information spread out across enterprise clouds in a single app.”
  • Shawn Wiora, CIO at Creative Solutions in HealthCare weighs in that “ Collage…gives today’s workers easy, and extremely powerful, access to a consolidated view of critical business information.”



And leading industry analysts are excited by the type of solution Collage represents for the Digital Workplace:

  • IDC Group VP Mike Fauscette says that “bridging information silos to deliver smart data and connect workers to each other and to topics with context based on what they need as individuals to be productive is absolutely critical, especially in today’s connected, mobile, cloud environment.”
  • Alan Lepofsky VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research say that “the more tools in use, the more complex it becomes to focus on the actual work, because related information spans across multiple clouds… Tools that aggregate multiple sources into a single location make it easier for employees to create, discover and take action on the things people require to get their jobs done.”
  • Forrester Consulting, in a just-released study, says “the scenario, where IT offer more and more tools and services, as workers self-provision their own, is not unfamiliar…Forrester [calls it] ‘the engagement workplace.’ This integrated knowledge worker experience enables workers to focus on their jobs by integrating multiple investments, including employee self-provisioned (cloud-based) application, collaboration applications, and line of business applications, which are all mobile enabled and all in the context of business results


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David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer