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Introducing the new App for Office

In the modern workplace, enterprise workers are swamped by the number of applications they use daily. That’s why workers gravitate to one or two central apps. For most people, this is email and Office documents.

For this reason, is excited to announce the release of our new App for Office. The add-in for Office now provides Microsoft customers, for the first time, access to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint directly from Microsoft Word on the desktop and via online apps. has long made it possible for information workers to seamlessly store, access and manage emails and attachments between Outlook and SharePoint. With this latest announcement, now runs in all the key environments enterprise workers spend most of their time.

The big news?  Now, with, information workers can upload and classify documents, email attachments, and email messages to SharePoint and OneDrive for Business wherever they spend their worktime; email or Office documents. It’s now easy to capture, classify, and therefore, find information quickly and easily.

Plus, App for Office makes it easy to classify emails and documents using metadata, because adding metadata is an integral part of the capture process. Furthermore, App for Office enables users to store information in any SharePoint or One Drive location; unlike alternatives, with, there is no need to previously ‘visit’ a location for it to be accessible. Lastly, like its desktop counterpart, App for Office embeds many UX bonuses that make all the difference, including automatic display of ‘favorite’ locations and followed sites, as well as ‘type ahead’ to quickly find locations and metadata. is committed to putting people first is the only product that delivers this level and depth of coverage for supporting information workers as they manage the content they work with. We want to ensure that users are fully productive, in and out of the office, right from the places they choose to carry out their work, whether that’s an email client, desktop app or on mobile.

When employees toggle between different applications to complete a task, the change of context is distracting. Our mission is to humanize digital experiences by putting people first and improving the user experience, and the choice of how and where each of us wants to work is a critical part of this. If the digital workplace is to be fully humanized, employees should be able to work in the way that they know makes them more productive.

As Yaacov Cohen,’s founder and CEO , says:

At, we believe that workers are creative and social, not merely users of technology. We need to humanize technology to empower human beings by increasing their ability to work together.

So, what’s new?

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the new product capabilities:

Upload documents and email to SharePoint directly from Office

Cut out the need for switching between applications to upload work, significantly reducing distraction and confusion. What’s more, you can categorize documents in context by adding metadata tags while the document’s contents are right in front of you. 

Save to SharePoint or OneDrive for Business directly from Office

It’s the end of the day and you still have a little bit more work to do on a project. Save quickly to SharePoint or OneDrive for Business, so work can be accessed with ease from a sidebar.

Simplify navigation

Access your ‘favorite’ SharePoint locations and folders, as well as One Drive directly from documents.  This enables you to obtain real-time updates of edits and changes on the documents you have been working on.

Share documents from Office

Share documents with your colleagues, directly from Office, all from one screen. This makes it easier and quicker to collaborate, boosting creative output and efficiency.

Share links

Sharing documents from within an Office window helps you focus on what is important. Ensure that everyone is working on the same version of a document.

For a more detailed specification, read our features page for the new App for Office.

Working with Microsoft is as exciting as ever

At, we are committed to the technical leadership that has led to high-profile recognition by Microsoft.  In fact, has been showered with Microsoft accolades, winning both Microsoft ‘Partner of the Year’ and ‘Best Apps’ four years running. including the latest 2017 Collaboration and Content Partner of the Year Finalist Award.

One demonstration of’s technical leadership has been demonstrated by the release of one of the first Office Add-ins, which enable companies to create new products and improve the user experience within Office 365. Add-ins can be used to add new functionality to Office clients or to create rich, interactive objects that can be embedded into Office documents.

And, of course, we are proud of our status as a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner.  As Office 365 becomes increasingly popular – as of April 2017, Office 365 has over 100 million active user accounts – we are even more determined to find new solutions to enhance the user experience of Microsoft Office 365 customers.

With this new release, the benefits of are stronger than ever; specifically, helps:

  • Drive SharePoint and Office 365 Adoption
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce email storage requirements
  • Eliminate document chaos
  • Increase visibility and project transparency
  • Prevent data leakage
  • Realize information governance and compliance
  • Achieve record management requirements.

At we are dedicated to humanizing Office 365, one link at a time. To download the new App for Office, head to the Office Store or get in contact with us directly.

Ram Tagher
Product Manager