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It’s been six months since launched Collage as a beta release, and man have we learned a lot in those six months.  Culling feedback from an elite group of testers and reviewers, here are some of the things we’ve discovered:

  • People see email as a key business app – Originally, we envisioned Collage as an app that aggregates all your business apps into an information stream and then lets you focus on particular subjects (like specific accounts or projects) by filtering the stream by a set of automatically-generated topics.  But users insisted that we include email into the information stream so they don’t have to go to another app to complete the picture of their work day.  So we have added email to the Collage information stream. In fact, we included the ability to extract topics from email, so you can now filter all your information by topics, including email. In one screen.
  • People want to track their work day on the go. Originally, we released Collage on the iPad, assuming workers would want a ‘big’ screen to see all their important updates and reach out to colleagues. We learned the incredible value of an information stream that alerts you to everything you need to know to stay on top of your work responsibilities, right in your pocket. And so, we have added support for the iPhone. Now, you have Collage in your pocket.
  • People need to share.  In the first iteration of Collage beta, users could see all their information in one stream and then launch native apps by clicking on specific updates to complete tasks. For example, if you saw an important Salesforce update, you could click through on the item and automatically launch the Salesforce1 app, to the appropriate record, to react right away. But we found out that people don’t always want to complete tasks, often they want to alert others that they need to take action. So we added the ability to share any item via email or social tools you already own; Yammer and Chatter.

With these and other changes, Collage has truly become the world’s first ‘Go To’ app for the Digital Workplace. In one information stream, Collage combines updates from your complete set of existing business apps into a single information stream – apps such as business applications, document collaboration tools, enterprise social networks and email. Collage then employs machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to automatically extract common topics from these updates, so you can filter information by important subjects, people or time.  For the first time, Collage enables you to see the big picture across all your apps so you can focus on what matter most, without your organizations having to install new infrastructure for integrating disparate systems.

Get your hands on Collage here.

David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer