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And like that, the summer comes to a close. As we move into September, the nights begin to get darker, the mornings colder and leaves begin to fall. Fortunately, the enterprise world remains evergreen – and this month Twitter brought us the best on innovation technology in the workplace. Digital transformation, spam-stoppers and more round up the best of Twitter for this month. Think we’ve missed any worthwhile stories? Let us know in the comments below!

Public sector #IT leaders must focus on Digital Transformation, according to @Gartner_inc > Read More 

Digital transformation is one of the hottest trends in the enterprise currently, yet many organizations are unsure or hesitant to commit to this change. Research-analyst Gartner has published a report regarding digital transformation and how to make change inclusive for the public sector. Successful digital transformation has the potential to transform the type of services government agencies can offer citizens.

“The role of the CIO will be much broader than just technology. In a world where uncertainty abounds, stability lasts a few months at best and IT systems are produced through agile deployment based on the concepts of adoption and change, a comprehensive view of the enterprise is needed.”

- Elsie Olding. Research Vice President, Gartner.

The challenge for government CIOs is the absence of a sustained business vision fully supported by their executive peers. Rick Howard, research vice president at Gartner, noted that “Governments struggle with technology-enabled innovation because innovation requires a high tolerance for risk.” Digital leadership is the solution, and this article details the approach CIOs should take.

 Unsolicited mail now accounts for 86% of the world’s email traffic, so are we truly doomed by a spam-filled future? > Read More 

While not usually quite as bizarre as the email above, spam messages are the bane of every user’s inbox and are arriving in increasing numbers. So, what’s the return rate on your standard spam message? According to one study – around about 1-to-25,000. In 2010, spammers sent 90 billion email messages every day, 1.2% of which actually reached user inboxes.

Clearing user inboxes, adding additional outlays to spam filters, added storage and network bandwidth equate to an overall cost of dealing with spam in the ballpark of $20 billion. So what can we do to combat this?

This article from VP, David Lavenda, explores the obscene cost – in terms of lost time, storage and bandwidth – of spam mail, the impact it’s having on business users and what you can do to stop it.

 Satya Nadella on why Microsoft is betting its future on the #cloud > Read More  

Dina Bass of Bloomberg Businessweek got the chance to talk to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, in an interview concerning the tech giant’s continual push towards the cloud. Nadella has transformed the company’s vision during his time as CEO – evolving its strategy towards a cloud-first, mobile-first and (even more) forward-thinking organization. Bringing the company into the modern business era has been Satya’s main goal as CEO, and this interview explores his views on the company and enterprise landscape going forward.

On answering whether the cloud is the big technological change we’re going to see over the next five years, Satya said:

“I think the big move that is happening today for sure is the cloud move and the mobile move. They sort of go together. And when I say mobility, it’s not the mobility of one device, it’s the mobility of the applications and the data across all your devices because it’s about the ability of the human experience, not the device.”

 75% of polled @AIIMIntl community members are not using SharePoint for #EmailManagement > Read More  

Information management analysts AIIM have published research that identifies more than one in every four SharePoint projects struggle or fail to meet expectations.

66% of those who cited dissatisfaction said that the primary issue was that SharePoint was too difficult to use, while 72% argue that there is not enough mobile support for their SharePoint implementations. 40% agreed that a lack of mobile was frustrating and holding back their users, while a whole 90% agreed that the ability to distribute documents in a controlled manner was an important factor for improving their information management processes.

Covering a broad range of job roles and titles – from document management staff to IT consultant - check out the article for the full results of the survey and subsequent findings.

 Is your business ready for the rise of the enterprise architects? > Read More 

Most CEOs understand the potential upside of a digital transformation. Done right, companies can become more efficient, more agile and better able to deliver innovative products and services to customers and partners through multiple channels.

Roughly 70% of executives say that over the next three years, they expect digital trends and initiatives to create greater top-line revenues for their businesses, as well as increased profitability.

The full article, from McKinsey&Company, explores how enterprise architects can help ensure success with digital transformations.

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