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Top Microsoft Tweets for 2015


The holidays are right around the corner and soon we will all be bidding farewell to 2015, a year that has been packed with technology and business goodness. To celebrate, our monthly best of Twitter has been upgraded to “The best of 2015”, as we take a look back at the biggest enterprise stories that have been spread across social media channels.

In that regard, it’s been a very Microsoft 2015, as we’ve seen the tech giant take huge strides in enterprise productivity. From breaking their company-feud with rivals Apple (so much so that the two are seen in harmony in their Christmas ad) to delivering a new operating system. It’s been a busy year to say the least.

So, without further ado, here are 5 of the best from Twitter for 2015.

The exciting day has come! #TheNewOffice is here. Learn more: [tweet]

Microsoft wasn’t lying when they heralded the 2016 Office suite The New Office. For the first time ever the suite was available on whatever device the user owned. In a year that CEO Satya Nadella changed many of the company’s principals, it was announced that Microsoft would be working alongside Apple to deliver Office on iOS devices. Sure enough, on September 22nd Office 2016 was rolled out to thousands of eagerly awaiting customers.

Available either for home or for business, the new Office introduced a mixture of new and improved tools to boost productivity, but perhaps more in the spotlight was the focus on collaboration. “The new Office. Take the work out of working together.” Built with teams and coworkers in mind, most Office applications – Word, Excel, OneNote etc. – all come with sharing and coauthoring functionalities.

The New Office includes all the traditional, familiar Office functionalities of old, combined with innovative features to fit the modern workplace.

Announcing @SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2 and @Project Server 2016 Server Beta 2! [tweet]

“Software innovation, like almost every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people.”

--Bill Gates

The excitement around SharePoint 2016 had been stirring for quite some time, and on 18th November, Microsoft announced the second Beta version of the platform. The release of the original Beta was well-received by the public, and although this second version was mainly final touches on already existing features, it was encouraging to get a deeper look into the capabilities of the platform to be released in 2016. Of course it wasn’t just SharePoint that got all the attention, as Project Server also got its own second Beta edition.

View the complete list of features available for both SharePoint and Project Server 2016.

The best Windows ever is here. Learn how to upgrade to #Windows10 for free: [tweet]

When first announced in September 2014, Microsoft outlined their plans for “A new era of Windows.” Sure enough, the summer of 2015 saw the company’s first new Operating System since the much maligned Windows 8 of 2012, and they delivered on their promise.

Much like Office 2016, Windows 10 seems to have provided the correct balance of old and new. It reverted back to the traditional Windows start menu, taskbar and desktop while keeping a refined version of the animated Live Tiles of Windows 8. With enhanced Windows Defender and Smart Screen, it’s purported to be the most secure Windows ever. Additional features like Cortana should make it more personal and more productive.

The Tweet from the @Windows account received 5,255 retweets, and after a lot of speculation about whether Microsoft could still compete with its rivals, Windows 10 has had a great reception, with over 110 million devices running on its platform across 192 countries worldwide. As stats go, those aren’t too bad!

Office Graph: The Brain of Office 365 [tweet]

At the Microsoft Tech Developer event in July, André Vala discovered, to his surprise (but not to ours…), a general lack of knowledge regarding both Office Delve and Office Graph software. So, he did us all the favor of writing a whole article on Office Graph for beginners.

Labeled ‘the brain of Office 365’, what Graph essentially does is compile data from regular users of Office 365. Graph makes use of individual ‘nodes’ like that of a brain; when someone performs an action – such as sharing documents or social actions – these are sent to Graph and in some cases create relationships between nodes. It can also build visual maps of the workplace, with links between colleagues and materials, and it uses machine learning to identify who you’re actively working with, taking reference from things like quantity, consistency and reply-speed of emails.

With 70 petabytes (70,000 TBs) of storage between tenants, 60 billion email attachments and 8 billion relationships between 4 trillion nodes, it seems Office Graph is worthy of the title of Office 365’s brain. It’s worth noting, though, that so much data means it’s only available through the cloud, and not on-premises.

A great look back at the history of Microsoft @Office. Did you know Office 95 contained a hidden game inside Excel? [tweet]

Presented in a beautiful scrolling interactive infographic, Microsoft takes you through the history of Office. From Bill Gates announcing the original power 3 – Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint - at COMDEX Las Vegas all the way back in 1989, the productivity suite has evolved considerably over the years. Everyone’s (least) favorite desktop assistant ‘Clippy’ first appeared in Office 97, which took a massive 44 floppy disks to install. 2011 saw Microsoft acquire Yammer and the introduction of Office 365. Which brings us to this year: we have the latest version of the Office suite and SharePoint 2016 right around the corner. The infographic is a great means for seeing just how far the company has come from its beginnings, and it does a good job of getting you excited for what’s to come.

Finally, thanks to all those who have been a part of throughout 2015. Happy holidays, and we will see you in 2016!

David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer