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In the past year, I have frequently discussed the "Digital Workplace," the new world order that has changed the way we all work. But the Digital Workplace is still not well defined. We do know that as we become more global, more mobile and more digital, a new approach to collaboration and business enablement in the enterprise is needed. Savvy organizations are taking a strategic approach to promoting workplace effectiveness by adapting innovative work styles and offering consumer-like tools for its employees. But how do organizations get the information they need to make the best choices for their workforce?

In 2015, Digital Workplace thought leaders from analyst firms Gartner and Forrester have provided key insights into the tools and work practices organizations need to support to increase employee engagement and agility.

For, these analysts have been instrumental in helping us mold our product roadmap. These individuals understand the needs of the global enterprise and have become trusted resources. As a service to the industry, we have curated a short (alphabetical) list of some of the top analysts, thinkers, researchers and consultants - that you need to know. While not an exhaustive list, it does provide links to some of the most influential research that came out this year.

I invite you to read the reports listed below and follow the analysts on social media. The insights and recommendations you will gain will help make your move to the Digital Workplace that much smoother.

Adam Preset – Gartner Research

Art Schoeller – Forrester Research

Bill Pray– Gartner Research

Brian Prentice – Gartner Research

Hanns Koehler-Kruener– Gartner Research

Janelle Hill – Gartner Research

Jeffrey Hammond – Forrester Research

Jeffrey Mann – Gartner Research

Jim Murphy – Gartner Research

Karen A. Hobert – Gartner Research

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  • Position / Coverage Area: Karen A. Hobert is a Digital Workplace Research Director, with deep expertise in enterprise content management, social collaboration and communications technologies. Karen has a sprawling 24-year career in digital workplace technologies. Karen recently returned to Gartner and has released a few recent reports but her upcoming work will surely be worth keeping an eye on. Despite only recently returning she is already a main contributor to the annual Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management.
  • Spotlighted Reports in 2015:

Larry Cannell – Gartner Research

Mick MacComcascaigh – Gartner Research

Mike Gotta – Gartner Research

Monica Basso- Gartner Research

Nikos Drakos – Gartner Research

Paul Miller – Gartner Research

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  • Position / Coverage Areas: Paul Miller is a Managing Vice President at Gartner Research and relatively new addition to the Gartner team. He leads a team of analysts who cover collaboration in the Digital Workplace. Though Paul is new to Gartner he has been a Digital Workplace thought leader for years as he led the Digital Workplace IT service portfolio for a global workforce of a Fortune 100. There he had hands-on IT leadership experience which included strategy, service design, service transition and operations, and vendor selection. The services were varied and included collaboration systems, personal productivity tools, endpoints (mobile and PC), and end-user support and enablement services. Because Paul is new to Gartner he doesn’t have many reports to point to as of yet, but be on the lookout over the next year as his research is sure to be worth following. (Please note: to avoid confusion, this is not the Paul Miller who is CEO and Founder of the Digital Workplace Group; that Paul Miller co-authored the ‘The Digital Renaissance of Work – Delivering Digital Workplaces Fit for the Future‘ and can be followed at @paulmillersays)
  • Spotlighted Reports in 2015:


David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer